Sakura-ish by DekinaiKa
Sakura-ish, a photo by DekinaiKa on Flickr.

Fragility is such a beautiful thing... when you're the one doing the crushing.

Today I felt weak and vulnerable, two things that I don't often feel at the same exact time. Yet I was also content and felt quite a tranquil sensation; such juxtapositions, this has the power to fuck with one's mind. It's a bitter aftertaste of success, like the wine you love turning into vinegar or your two-hour-cue artisanal ice-cream cone slowly falling to the ground just in front of your eyes.

I thought about it more than I probably had to, long enough to feel self-conscious. Today I missed home, I missed my friends. Today I spend an evening blabbering with my mother over Skype, the good kind of blabber. Now I go forget about all this with some Grand Theft Auto III. Have a nice Monday tomorrow, folks.