Bulbo by DekinaiKa
Bulbo, a photo by DekinaiKa on Flickr.

Some times there is something strikingly out of place that seems to get by unnoticed. Just like blurry people on a busy street cross. This one little building has been to me a great example of how beautiful Milan can be sometimes. Softly elegant but not pretentious, hidden, like part of this inner beauty that is in the end just out there in the open.

Going out and shooting in the street has been my latest obsession. This whole street photography seems to mean so many different things to many different people. To me is not yet something defined. I look at both the people and the environment alike. Sometimes the perfect shot is when both this things come together framed by an instant when you either take the shot or miss it entirely.

Buildings are easier to shoot, they don't go away, it's all about finding the best time of the day where the light is optimal. Sometimes they catch your eye only at these moments, otherwise maybe you wouldn't even notice them at all. With people it's either about chasing or waiting, waiting a lot.

Hence, I decided that I'll try upload pictures a bit more often even if the written content is not ideal, just to showcase different things I would like to show without having to put several pictures in one post. Hopefully this new format will prove to me more entertaining in this blog form factor. Until the next time,