Dark Carny

Dark Carny by DekinaiKa
Dark Carny, a photo by DekinaiKa on Flickr.

A day trip to the park, the fair was gone now but even then I was astonished to see the amount of people who were in Parco Sempione on a weekday afternoon. The weather was excellent, not really warm or anything but sunny enough to not feel cold at all. There were dogs running around, ducks swimming in the little pond thingy and the lady friend had a nice smile on her face today; I felt good. I only wish I had taken my camera with me, "The best camera is the one you have on you", or something along those lines. I never even read the book, maybe I should because lately I have been neglecting carrying it around.

Walking down to the piazzale where Mussolini got hanged in hopes of getting myself my latest acquired obsession, McD's strawberry milkshakes, I saw a small 2 story house in Milan, in between taller 4-6 story buildings. Reminded me of that movie Stuart Little and their house, just less exaggerated. It was bright chicken yellow with white details and I can't help but to ask myself why I never noticed it before. I took out the phone and snapped a shot, I haven't really used my phone's camera app in a while. In the end the picture is unusable so I wonder if it really was the best camera, considering it was the only camera I had on me.

Also surprisingly I discovered I would rather have weird spinach-filled enchilada-like pasta with white cream than something meaty and tomato-ey. I was so set on eating some meet too, a kebab maybe, anything. Second surprise of today, food-wise; I felt almost disgusted by a BK double bacon cheeseburger... For people who know me will understand, this is the first time in my life this has happened so even tho it seems inconsequential to me it is kind of a big deal.

But lets leave this boring issues aside. I honestly do not know who reads this blog or not, I mostly intended it for my friends and family to read a bit on how life goes for me now that I'm studying abroad for such a long time and don't get the chance to fly home often at all. But now I see a lot of visits from different places, which is nice. I think most of these visits have to do with Irene linking to my site from hers somewhere, so if you came here from Onto My Wardrobe... Hello! :3 hahaha. No, seriously tho, I don't care much about who ends up seeing this or reading it, rather, So in the spirit of maybe making this a bit more entertaining for both you and me I ask you to please, if you already read this far down the post without moving on or leaving altogether, to please leave a comment below and tell me maybe what would you be interested on seeing about Milan or any other topic I usually rant about (music, games, tech, random shit). What I'm fishing for is some constructive criticism, leave an anonymous reply if you wish, I don't mind either way. Thanks in advance, and see you another time, hopefully soon, hopefully with something interesting to say/show. Adieu.