DSC03483 by DekinaiKa
DSC03483, a photo by DekinaiKa on Flickr.

Sometimes things come together in the most beautiful order, like gentile cogs moving softly to the tune of a thousand whispering violins. Today was one of those days. I had an amazing time with the lady friend, not that this is a strange occurrence but made me stop and smell the roses.

I took the time to sit in the grass in front of a ferris wheel at Sempione park and just listen to the silence, right in the middle of a great commotion. I found peace, peace I haven't felt in a while, peace that made me feel it was 1991. Last weekend before this we had the amazing chance to visit Florence together, amazing city full of both amazing things to see and tourists alike. Yet the city felt real, moving, it didn't feel like what I like to call "tourist traps", cough Osaka cough. I loved the place, granted, in my mind it was totally different but that was the best part of realizing in the end it was just as good as you expected it to be or even more.

Worst part of the trip was a stupid ass mexican food joint, hated it, but besides that everything I did was interesting. Ok, maybe besides Dante's museum/house haha. I think we had fun, we did, I wish we could've stayed there longer, a weekend in Florence is certainly not enough. I guess all is left is the assurance that I will eventually have to go back for more.

So a new romance is born. Florence, florence, soon we shall meet again. For now all I can show you as a token of this words is some photoes I took along the way, hop over to my flickr account to take a look or on my facebook album there's more (god damn you fucking martinitt internet) for the ones who can see those.

Let me realize one more time there is always something left to live for, always a reason to dream. Dream to wake up together again under a Tuscan sky. <3