Hope by DekinaiKa
Hope, a photo by DekinaiKa on Flickr.

Sometimes I feel so immature, not young, just... not ready for some things I think I should be ready for yet other times I feel so old and bored of monotonous, senseless, unnecessary, whatever it is I HAVE to do.

I don't think it has ever been that I sense in me a lack of courage or passion, sense of responsibility even, as it is the fear of failing. Failing at acknowledging that I am now supposed to be an anchor instead of depending on others.

I don't think we ever are that independent, I think it will be like this forever, linked to each other, to our parents, to our friends, to our dear ones. Leaning on them and helping them stand as well, reciprocating constantly, endlessly.

There is something about sincere eyes, something that captivates mine. The hope that I can see from time to time in the eyes of a stranger, in the smile of a child.

It is easier to be just as young and just as old as I must. Now, I shall go play some Madden, adiosin people, happy Pi day.