Under the same sky.

Under the same sky. by DekinaiKa
Under the same sky., a photo by DekinaiKa on Flickr.

Happens that I lose track of what is important. Restless, I walk through life trying to hold on to what I care for. Today might have been a day to forget yet I do not want to ever forget a day I spent with you. Maybe in the end it all seemed fine but it was not until I had you no more and I felt the cold, unbearable truth; lost in your eyes in just a picture, knowing no matter where you are we are under the same sky for just another day, together; I know I could never feel complete without you anymore. You are now a part of me just like my hands in the furthest part of my arms seem to have always been there. So do you feel familiar, like I found something I had long lost and just found, again. This is not an apology, I do not expect any sympathy, I merely want to remember later what today I felt once you were gone.