Lunedì blu

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Lunedì blu, a set on Flickr.

This is picture by picture is a small walking trip of Milano I did last monday. The sky wasn't that beautiful for most of the time, gray clouds of rain floating over my head, but I tried my best. Camera in hand and umbrella in my bag I set out to test my new "street" mode settings I came up with, I shot some (a lot) pictures and ended up with this 15 I like. As always, this contrast of interests between architecture and the human factor looks so defined as I went through the set back home. As well when I was thinking about the colors I wanted I knew I could've made them pop a bit, since the day wasn't as bright and colorful itself, but I decided to leave this kind of bleak mood that the day had, with it's ups and downs and weird faces. Then decided to do all of them in the same style, maybe looking for some unity among them, instead of getting different feeling from each, I went for the feeling of the overall. So, welcome to a day through my eyes. Enjoy and thanks for reading.