Hatching sun

Hatching sun by DekinaiKa
Hatching sun, a photo by DekinaiKa on Flickr.

In music production, live performances, everything, I have always preached the superiority of analogue over digital. A distortion stompbox is such a simple thing, in its imperfection, all of them different from each other. Digital ones are... all the same. Like an EMG pickup on a broomstick or a Gibson Les Paul, they sound you get will be the same. An old humbucker on some nice warm wood, an analogue blues stompbox through a vulb twin amp... new players wonder, like I did once, why does it sound so much better than my shitty Ibanez and my Laney combo through a digitech pedalboard. Then we learn.

Being new to photography I appreciate the fact that we are in a time where it is virtually inexpensive to learn. You spend on the camera, anywhere from cheap to an eyeball and then it's all about re-using your old mobile phone's miniSD card and even the battery is re-chargeable, then you go out, you shoot as much as you can and transfer all of it to your computer. Easy.

I remember my mother taking pictures, on a 12 shot film, you have to think on what you waste your film, not being able to see the results until you go back home from your vacation and you have enough time to go develop them at some photography place. Couple weeks later the family gathers involuntarily to see the pictures over the dining table... some of them have funny faces, they're all interesting in their own way. You remember exactly where you were standing in that frozen split second.

Now I realize tho, that there were also good expensive cameras back then and not only my mother's 110 Kodak Instamatic or her old Polaroid. Leica's are still around and they're good and I want one and I can't afford one and probably I will never be able to justify owning one for a long time, and before they were all analogue. They all used film in different formats, some of them are discontinued like the Polaroid original film or the 110 as well but 35mm is still here and it's still strong.

I discovered movements like Lomography, add a dot com to go check it out, where the idea is to release this "inexpensive" plastic cameras with imperfections and using film and cross processing to create interesting artistic shots. Viewfinders that don't work at all to make you not think, just go out and shoot. Some people complain now it's too expensive to even purchase this lomo cameras, specially since they got more popularity because of the awesome hipster culture, but they still represent a cheap way to go buy and process film in interesting ways. I read up on it, watched a documentary, learned about old mechanical cameras and why film is so... different. The thickness in one single roll varies and has imperfections here and there that make the photo always a bit random from what you thought you'd get. Unlike digital where you have your big ass screen telling you everything, autofocus and auto-whatever as well.

I do now know much about photography, I still think I'm fairly inexperienced and I'm still very eager to learn. Yesterday I decided to get an analogue camera, smallest 35mm ever produced, metal body and a Carl Seizz lens. Cheap, old, vintage, used film camera. I could not be happier with it, it's small and portable and fun to use. It makes me think about setting and what I'm doing and about taking good shots and not just shooting a million times and then going through them on the computer looking for the one that doesn't suck. It makes me learn and it makes it fun.

Granted, I don't think it's for everyone. I'm sure most people can do with a phone camera or a point and shoot. This is a matter of going the extra mile, being intrigued by what got us to where we are. Why people love Leica's when they've never owned one... going back to analogue so I can appreciate my digital world a bit more.

Hopefully this first roll will be full of hopes and when I get it back full of surprises. I can't wait to see how the pictures look like. I went to the Monumental Cementery with the lady friend to shoot for a bit... inspired by the movie Shutter haha. I'll be doing this other ones without any color altering or cropping or nothing, straight film, raw, scanned, uploaded. As untouched as possible. Because I want it to sound just like that on my eyes, like my Gibson SG running through an analogue stombox inside a bulb twin amp.