I might be wrong

Stop whispering

Shooting film is expensive. Let's just get that the fuck out of the way, now, I've got to say it is also just as rewarding. I come from a generation who grew in par with the birth of instant gratification. Lets get past the whole period in time where having a computer was rare or that when you asked your friend for the latest Beavis and Butthead game on a 3 1/2" floppy; days before the interwebs. Anywho, I don't blame the people who checked the weather every morning in Yahoo using their AOL 56kbps internet connection, or the massive amount of Geocities webpages filled with GIFs and uselessness. In the beginning only the actual famous people who were already famous in "real life" we're also big online. Then came them blogs, power to the people, everybody has the chance to speak out. It was different, people thought about what they said, blog posts of famous blogs were well thought out, informed, informative too, interesting. We all killed that, by being morons and because of morons who thought they deserved just as much attention as the biggest of them. The good original content got lost in a sea of mediocrity, this hasn't changed, the curse of the Web2.0. People got rich and they lost it all too when the bubble burst.

Things like Napster is what got us started. Fuck it, why go buy the cd, who gives a shit about audio quality, we're young, we can't afford Marantz or Bose sound systems. Just download the latest radio hit in like half an hour and god forbid someone picks up the phone and disconnects you cause then you have to begin the download all from the start. Fast forward to youtube; music videos and Vlogging, people doing stupid shit caught on tape and cute cats. No place in the internet is safe of cute cats. Fast forward a bit more and we have Netflix, movie and whole tv seasons streamed in HD directly into your 40 inch screen, for the price of almost nothing. Fuck Blockbuster, they were evil anyway, right?

We have it all at our fingertips, nothing is further away than a simple google search anymore. Directions to that awesome Sushi bar in Soho or finding out who is right in an argument using wikipedia on your smartphone. I still remember the days before all this, and I'm not that old at all (I think). I see my younger relatives and I can't imagine how it must be for them to grow up with all this, there, without understanding when or how. It all happened too fast, from the NES to the PSPwhatever3D in the blink of an eye. So it happened with photography as well.

True love waits

I remember growing up going to the beach with my grandparents and my cousins, some aunt taking pictures. It was a big deal, get all together, hey, move a bit there, no, the other way, I can't see you all, SMILE! It was one shot, one picture, and it had to be good, at least ok, I mean. And people didn't take that many shots, i mean, fuck it, they all knew taking a picture of the sea in a nice sunset was gonna look like shit anyways on that cheapo camera. This pictures were memories, of people, of faces in front of places. Not everybody was an amateur photographer taking pics of landscapes and un-animated objects. It was just the way it was. Not so long ago in secondary school I still was shooting film, without thinking it was weird, even if I still had one of those point and shoots with retractable zoom lens thingy, whatever they're called. Memory was expensive in the days before the iPod; fuck, I remember my first mp3 player had 8mb of storage and you could expand it to 16! with a card the size of a gameboy cartridge. Back to point tho, shops were still developing and printing film for cheap not so long ago at all.

Now we shoot pictures without caring, people take out their ugly plastic blackberries and snap a shot at a party, all blurry, red eyes, dark, doesn't matter, let's upload it to facebook right away. Take a million pictures, choose the best one, this is the digital age of photography. On the other side this also empowered losers like myself to pretend to be decent photographers. Cameras that are not so expensive at all now manage to produce photographs of an amazing quality, it's incredible. Now you don't even need to know about aperture and shutter speeds, fuck it, the camera will do it for you and it will take the picture when your friends smile with the face detect thingy. It's awesome, why not, better for us all, right? At least we have more decent pictures all around. This created the sea of mediocrity, everyone can make a Flickr account and upload their awesome shots of chairs in black and white, because that's art and not bullshit. I include myself in all of these, I came too late to the party to start handing out blame. I'm not a hipster of any kind. On both blogging and photography actually, I guess this is why I understand it so well.

Instant gratification, short attention spans. I love my sony camera, it's been good to me, and I like it like this, without the touchscreen and all this new things they're adding to them now. Could it be better? yeah, of course; a rangefinder would be nice to shoot on sunny days outside but I don't complain. On the other hand there's something special about the Rollei 35; it might not deliver the same crisp images or do anything automatically at all, but it inspires in me a sense of respect towards it. Feels more like a teacher than a tool. Makes me think, makes me appreciate more, in general. Like an old Caddy it's still all metal and more metal, feels like it will do the job even without you when it's in your hands but it won't, it requires you to know what to do, how and when to do it. It requires you to be a photographer and not to let the camera be it for you, if that makes any sense to y'all. It's like a grandfather from another era telling you you're such a pussy because in his day people had to actually learn and think before pressing the button.

So it feels when you get your print back and it's good, even if it's not THAT good. Pure, disgustingly sweet, satisfaction. Then when you grab your new camera again it just seems easier to use that M mode and get decent shots. Like when your dad throws you in the deep side of the pool and you don't know how to swim and then suddenly you realize you're floating and you feel like, oh fuck yeah. That's the feeling right there. So here are three pictures I took on my first test roll of film, you can see the whole set on my Flickr HERE. It was shot with an ISO 200 film even when I was advised to use 400, which I will use from now on; so this second roll also feels like a new test, exciting. This photos were not altered at all, no PS, no lightroom, no nothing. Straight from the film, scanned and uploaded. I loved the big grain in them and the colors they give out. Some surprises like that first one of the lights, a hip shot inside Tiffany's which might be reminiscent of my last post's picture, love it as well.

My Iron Lung

I must apologize for the length and the maybe uninteresting, repeating topic of this post. I had to get this whole analogue versus digital ideas out of my system. Thanks for reading if you've made it this far down, I do appreciate people checking this shit out, leave a comment here or on the Facebook page if you wish. I'm always open to some interesting conversations. On another news, I must mention this, I saw the new Men In Black in 3D today and fuck is it good, y'all have to go out there and watch it, I can't recommend it enough. Good story, Will Smith does good, good FX, good overall. I mean, it is not like Oscar material but whatever, it's really good in its own merit. Go watch it anyways, you won't regret it. Check back soon for some more rants about ponies and rainbows. Peace y'all.


P.S. One last thing, and on this I am completely and utterly serious... about everything I said, I might be wrong.