Neurotic fish

Neurotic by DekinaiKa
Neurotic, a photo by DekinaiKa on Flickr.
In general, amongst all the people I have ever met, I find it that only a few still shine inside my mind when I close my eyes. People like these lights have different shades to us, some are brighter but burn out so fast, some last years and years, consistent like a lighthouse guiding us back shore.

Coming abroad, being now here for a while without turning home, has given me the chance to realize who and what I miss most. Most importantly I've find new shiny lights, some bright, some I'm even now starting to just shut off; always interesting.

In the end, I ask myself more often just how bright must I shine for others rather than thinking about them in my life, at least when thinking about back home. I know a lot of friends probably have forgotten me by now, just like I did with them. This doesn't sadden me at all, the change has been good so far. Better than expected for sure.

On other less boring things, boring like this picture... I don't get how it seems so busy, so full of everything yet to me it's just pale. I'm sure someone will like it haha, I did at first. I forgot to upload all these Design Week shots I have, going through them I realized i have a bunch of them that are pretty decent. It was my first time taking some shots of still shit, kitchens, chairs, textures, materials. Those are the most interesting ones in my opinion, textures and materials. I'll try to share them soon, if not here at least on the flickr, so stay tuned for that.

Also, this led me to think about just how boring it must be to shoot this shit in a studio, where you set the light and the white background and you take the pic of the tomato for your Esselunga advertisement. Walking around taking pics in exhibits ain't as bad I'm sure, but I realized there are 3 fields of photography that I truly enjoy. Street photography, walking around taking pictures of strangers without their permission. Fashion, portraits and beauty shots, usually for my lady friend's fashion blog. Lastly, architectural photography, buildings, landscapes, cityscapes, structures, spaces. This last one is the one I have the less knowledge about, I know there are some special lenses like tilt-shift shit and stuff you need to make straight lines straight when you shoot such big things. Buildings in pictures people take are totally different than how they really are. They're not all thin in the top, I assure y'all.

I would like to do something that involves all three, for Irene's photos I try to always include some type of architecture, some cityscape or whatever as an element, as a presence itself. So I've been thinking about doing this with street photography as well, just go out, frame the thing and wait... I've done this two times and it's boring as fuck, but if someone interesting goes by, at the right time with the composition you want, through the spot you want them to be at... it's just pure magic. It's either that or stopping people on the street, "can I take a photo of you? I dig your style", like the Sartorialist, kind of.

What do you guys think, any opinions? Leave a comment below, seriously, it's not like anyone is gonna read it besides me haha. By the way, thanks to the people clicking like on my fb page for OSV ever since I made the lady friend an admin. Kewl beans, thanks for the support or whatevs, I hope y'all keep checking back now and then. I'll try to get more interesting shit up here, soon enough. I'm waiting for this first film of the new camera to be done so I can finally see how the things come out. That will be an interesting project, I'm shooting film with an all mechanical camera, going to develop it, and scan it which will be the only digital thing about it. No photoshop, no color correction, no lightroom no nothing. Straight up, raw, 35 milimiter analogue photography. Then you can see just how much postprocessing is part of making my shitty pictures look decent.

Fuck, i just remembered Steve Jobs is dead. :( Good night, people.