A picture

A picture by DekinaiKa
A picture, a photo by DekinaiKa on Flickr.

From the beginning we were always going, amazed, looking at everybody else. Look forever, always. All is right tonight. I'll be who you are across the sky. Deep black eyes. Suddenly right now is gone, we were so wrong. Here we are, back where we belong. Shine, bright sky. Smile. Come live in my mind one last time.


There is something about the eyes of animals that scare me. I imagine what they are thinking, how they feel. Sometimes they just seem so... human. Some of them sadden me to no end, others make me smile and all happy inside. Lately I have missed my dog, Sookie, so fucking much. She is the cutest Shar Pei ever and I can not wait to see her again this summer when I go back home. If you are lucky enough to have one of this kind creatures by your side never forget they probably care so much more about you than you do about them. Be nice to them because one day they will be gone and when you miss them all you will have left is a picture in a shoe box somewhere to remember those brighter days.