You are all I need by DekinaiKa
You are all I need, a photo by DekinaiKa on Flickr.
With time good memories always tend to seem much clearer. Of all the dreams there are she use to come to visit mostly me. I am already caught up spinning down your circle, porcelain. Every citrus juice, absolutely, spills over our pictures. I am going to save some words, I can not let you go... I feel lost without you. You do not want to kill for me, for me it is the only cure if I believe in us both. I am not that selfish or lost my will. I do not want to be without my best friend. I want to see you, little salmon; something in you taking control. Let's pick up a song. This is not for you. I do not even know what the fuck I just said, actually. Looking back good memories is all I remember, all I see.