Arpeggi by DekinaiKa
Arpeggi, a photo by DekinaiKa on Flickr.
Giardini Publicci Indro Montanelli. Jun10, 2012. Noon-ish.

The interesting thing about this new project are the long walks. Usually when I used to walk back in the city (MXcity) people are just a blur, you stop noticing faces or clothes or anything really. It's just a mesh of colors that you don't want to bump into as you rush down the street walking so fast it's like everybody has a heart in a lunchbox waiting to be delivered to a hospital asap.

Walking just to enjoy walking, opening your eyes and actually looking around you. Trying to see things that will happen before they do. Leaping 5 seconds into the future to frame that shot of that person in a bicycle going right towards you, or so you hope. All sinks in nicely in the end. Days seem way longer than they actually are, too much information to process. Suddenly you're home with a memory card in your hand and the hopes of a few shots you'll not like but love. This kind of stare, like this girl's, is the one I get right then.

I have to say tho, this might definitely not be a street fashion photo, but I think this street photography project can be a bit broader. Two reasons, firstly it's not as often you get a good shot of someone awesomely dressed enough to be a Sartorialist-ish shot and secondly I think just people in general when they have something that catches the eye can have also a lot of impact. Let me know your opinions on the matter on the comments below. Hope you liked this post. Until next time, y'all. Peace out.