I shoot people

OSV 2012 by DekinaiKa
OSV 2012, a photo by DekinaiKa on Flickr.

After much thought I decided to take this street fashion thing a bit more seriously, so expect some one liner posts with a pic here and there mixed in with the usual rants. I'll try to post more often because of this as well, considering it's just a photo with no text i hope it won't affect the flow of my usual topics for my non existant readers (lol). So if you're into fashion, check back often, I'll have some weird outfits and some chic shit up soon straight up from the streets of Milan. Sounds kewl, no? Kind of... It will be definitely interesting for me. I gotta thanks Irene for the encouragement btw, shoutout to the ladyfriend. And nothing, for now that is all.

One last thing, now you can get a hold of me via email at oldscratchedvinyl@gmail.com for questions, collabs, fuck knows, anything, hit me up. Until next time, people of the sun.