Obamacare by OldScratchedVinyl
Obamacare, a photo by OldScratchedVinyl on Flickr.
Via Torino, Milano, Italia. June 2012.

Saturday here, just finally got time to watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report while having brunch with the lady friend and I gotta say, awesome news with the judging on Obamacare. Now, putting that behind, another picture of simple street fashion for the summer. Hope you also like this one. Today I'm going out to do a photoshoot for Onto My Wardrobe so hopefully I'll also get a new batch of street shots for y'all. Drop a comment with suggestions or requests.

Also, I've been toying around with the idea of taking some shots of other bloggers for a series of pictures so if you're interested and can make it to Milan to get some pictures taken email me at OldScratchedVinyl at gmail.

Thanks y'all. Until tomorrow, have a great Saturday! :)