Optical Waveguide

Optical Waveguide by DekinaiKa
Optical Waveguide, a photo by DekinaiKa on Flickr.

I talked a bit about how I experienced the birth of what I called the "age of instant gratification" before, it's incredible to see how much things have changed in just less than half a century. Our grandparents grew in a totally different world, no cellphones, no internet, no international connectivity, no globalization, not as much variety in anything, music, tv, radio, news... Kids went out and play ball. Steve Jobs will be studied in elementary schools by our children and our children's children as the man who drove this next "industrial revolution"-ish thingy; from huge computers in universities and governmental research facilities to having an even more powerful machine than those in our pockets that also includes a mobile phone. Mobile... phone, some star trek shit right there. Whatever, a lot of good things were lost, but we also gained a lot.

Specially, I think, the easy way we now have to share information. Remember the twitter news when the Egyptian revolution just a couple years ago? Not even the government can now silence people. We all get a voice, out there for whomever is willing to listen. There's books, for free, you can download. Music, old radio shows, tv shows, whatever you want for entertainment, yes, but there's also that part of knowledge. Magazines, books, research, blogs, tutorials, videos, documentaries, news sites from both corporations and just associations of people. It's all out there just waiting for someone interested. You can learn how to cook, how to play guitar, how to use photoshop, how to use your new camera, how to beat that old mario game, how to solve your homework. You can learn, that's the point here.

You can't imagine the number of things my curiosity has led me to learn about. It's just amazing the vast array of information we as a whole have put together in all formats available to us, from photos to video to text to just anything really. It rendered the Encyclopedia useless... mostly, wikipedia has mistakes, but I'm sure encyclopedias kind of did too sometimes. When it comes to technology things change to fast.

Ideas travel through this optic fiber strings, like light, enlightening us, making us smarter, more educated, less easy to control and to mesmerize with stupid political agendas. It's election time back home and all I see is this misinformation spreading, people who complain for nothing, people who complain with reason and backing statements, proof. I see empty promises and empty demands alike. I think in these times it's just a crime for someone to be uninformed. In Cuba they have this phrase: "Ser cultos para ser libres." which I can loosely translate into "Be educated/cultured to be free".

Thanks for reading.