Polly wants a cracker

Polly wants a cracker by DekinaiKa
Polly wants a cracker, a photo by DekinaiKa on Flickr.

Street fashion photography is a risky business. To begin with I am still not confident enough to just approach people and ask them for a picture for my blog... specially since my blog is not mainly about fashion or street shots or whatever (ex. The Sartorialist and all the alikes); and my interest is not enough to justify even having a blog dedicated fully to such a thing. Therefore I decided I will post here and there some street fashion shots of cool people I see around Milano. This obviously means also that I'll spend sometime outside looking for this pictures, just while on the move if the chance appears.

Second concern came when I realize I still really do like taking pictures of people who don't know they're being shot. When people pose to me it just looks so fake most of the time. Even with people who look really amazing when they pose sometimes they lose all the charm they had and look totally boring and inexpressive. So I decided my flow will be both taking some sniper shots and then ask for a pic or two, then decide. In this case the unaware shot made the cut. It's weird and busy but I liked it better.

Let me know what you think, if you want to see more of this shots, if you wanna be on one haha. Nada, tomorrow's wednesday, good day to go to the movies. See y'all out there.