Return to sender

Return to sender by OldScratchedVinyl
Return to sender, a photo by OldScratchedVinyl on Flickr.
Piazza del Duomo, Milano, Italia. June 2012.

Let me begin by saying that the new Microsoft's Surface tablet thingy is a piece of shit. First of all, these thing already existed on Android, a thin keyboard, usb or docked that u could attach. Secondly, if you notice they just put all the shit from the laptop behind the screen instead of under the keyboard, shifting the thin part of your laptop to the bottom... You can detach it, and so, it's like an iMac now, or something... Fuck it, there's no innovation at all, it's just a nice PR stunt and I hate seeing so many people excited about it. It annoys me, haha.

How do they pretend to compete against the iPad or android tablets that are much cheaper and good and seeded in the marketplace? Consider this, for the younger ones or the not so tech savvy, Microsoft already came out with tablets before, much before the iPad even existed, even some laptops where u could turn the screen and close it and use a little pen thingy to use the screen, like old technology before touchscreen. Nobody fucking wanted that shit, no one. It sucked, it was a mess, the system was too heavy for it, it overheated, the screen wasn't that good and the operating system was nowhere near optimized to be used as touch only without a keyboard mostly.

This one has the same issues, except for the screen, screens now are awesome. The iPad was succesful because no one wanted to use a stylus, those shits get lost ALL the time. Nobody wanted a full OS in a tablet, it was too much trouble, drivers, compatibility, etc etc. No one was going to replace their home PC or main computer for a tablet like this with a full OS. Apple hit it in the head of the nail by making the tablet an add-on experience to the main hub, the computer you already owned. It wasn't a replacement and it didn't make you feel like you had to choose weather to spend your time in one or the other. It was simple an easy and quick and anyone could use it right off the bat.

Add to that that Windows 8 is nothing but Windows 7 with the touchscreen thingy running on top of it, the hub shit from the Zune and the Windows Phone that everyone hates. Brace yourself for another Windows Vista fiasco. Maybe it won't, maybe people won't mind since Win7 is already ok and the touchy touch is optional. Fuck it anyways, this tablet they're cooking smells rotten. I'll leave you with this video of them presenting the thing and having it not work:

On other things, I know some of you have asked me when I'll post some more street fashion shots and the answer is: Tomorrow! Tomorrow expect 2 of those... maybe 3 if I'm too good, haha. The pic of this post was taken earlier today, it caught my eye a lot and made me think about all this things... how people can be so fucking scared of pigeons in this city? It's weird but funny. I like pigeons, i guess. See y'all soon. Peace.