Thomas O'Malley

I promised y'all some runway shots and here they are. They're nothing special, nothing fancy. To me they are somewhat of an achievement over my poor manual focusing skills using a 41 year old lens but that's, again, mostly me. I gotta say tho, unlike the lady friend, when we go to these things I'm always more concentrated on clicking pictures than in looking at whatever it is they're presenting, that I always do after. These five pictures were the ones I liked the most overall from the lot I took. The first one just has this feeling of "whatever" to it, I can't explain it. The second one is total surprise, she kind of forgot to stop for the photo and there goes the bag flying and the skid marks of the sudden break, not really but you know what I mean. Last three I liked how you can see the model from the side and then from the front on the screen on the left of them. I kept doing this for the last few of them, these were the ones that made the cut. I didn't really wanna post too many photos and stuff. Just the ones that grab my attention, as always. So, hope you like them, hopefully I'll be able to take more of these in the future for y'all to see and nothing, aren't we all glad monday's over? Fuck mondays.





Remember you can click on each individual pic and it will take you to Flickr where you can see them in a higher res. Check back tomorrow for something interesting I have in store. Peace y'all.