Sharpull Terrier

Sookie portrait by OldScratchedVinyl
Sookie portrait, a photo by OldScratchedVinyl on Flickr.

I am back from my one month vacation back home in MxCity, land of the tortilla with salsa. It was good, it was awesome, it was relaxing and exciting and everything in between. I took some pictures but time to upload them was never there. Even now with the moving back to the school residence and all that good shit. Today finally I have some time to do absolutely nothing productive and that means I get to post a picture again. I know in the end there were never a lot of people paying attention to this poor small blog but for the ones who do care I'm sorry and I hope you'll still read me now and then.

This picture ain't a fashion shot, or maybe it is. This is my dog Sookie. This year I discovered she is a mix of a Shar Pei and a Pit Bull, both fighting dog breeds, into something called a Sharpull Terrier. This made me understand her fascination for fighting with me when playing. Not that she will ever kill anyone, she's a cutie pie, but she has some manners some people might not get. She's the queen of the house, if you catch my drift.

This photo was taken with my newest toy, an old film Canon A-1 with an OUTSTANDING 50mm 1.4 lens. I purchased an adapter so I can use it as well with my NEX to amazing results too. This picture tho is pure film, unaltered, un modified, straight from the printing place scan from the negative. It was an ISO 100 film, surprisingly, and I say that cause the picture is not that dark at all. And honestly it has to be one of the best photos I've ever taken. Specially since with film I am very weary about when and how much I click. Her expression is priceless to me too. This dog is seriously amazing, I love her even tho we hate each other sometimes and I always miss her living away from home and all. I hope you like the picture and I hope you come back to read me now and then. Thanks y'all, I hope ya had awesome summer holidays. Cheers.