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This day in by OldScratchedVinyl
This day in, a photo by OldScratchedVinyl on Flickr.

Today I finally got to go out and take some photos around the city centre, mostly for the lady friend's blog which you will be able to see soon at her site ( ). This is one of those that are not suited for her as much as they are for me. Raw expressions, I love when you take a picture of someone who isn't expected to be shot, I've mentioned it before. It's rewarding to keep this moment still, in a face that even if you ask that someone to do again they don't know exactly what they did or what are you talking about.

This was shot with the 1.4 canon 50mm lens on the Sony NEX5, I love how the front of her face is on focus, and the hair, but the eye on the back is already starting to blur. Then the background itself is just such a mess. I love bokeh, and yeah, maybe sometimes too much bokeh can be detrimental to the picture overall but I think for portraits, unless you wanna showcase the surroundings, there is never such thing as too much bokeh.

I also, unfortunately, discovered that on such a lens it's a pain in the arse to focus quick enough to get those nice street fashion shots I like, soooo.... I guess I'll have to find a way to carry both lenses around. I gotta say tho I wish I could use this one just for everything. Sacrifices, sacrifices of using such an old lens. It was so cheap tho that I can't complain.

Today the city was nice, we walked around some shops as usual... I'm looking for a nice messenger bag if anyone has any suggestions. Then had an awesome aperitivo at this sushi place called Wasabi in Brera near Piccolo Teatro, really close to the Marc Jacob's shop. If you're in Milan go check it out, 15 euros will get you endless amount of decent sushi and a drink. Order an Asahi for pure awesomesauce. I mean, the sushi ain't THAT great but it's gotta be one of the best places on that price range in Milan for sure. Believe me, I've tried so many and this is the go to place now.

Thanks for reading and check back soon for some nice fashion pics again. Peace y'all.