1900's by OldScratchedVinyl
1900's, a photo by OldScratchedVinyl on Flickr.

Sometimes time flies and we're somewhere we didn't expect to be. I like to think some of us can leap through it, breathe it in. Fashion is like that in a way, trends come and go, they all steal shit from other decades, everybody knows it, nobody cares but classics are a different thing. I know the name is just a dead giveaway but a lot of people forget. I started watching Mad Men, finally I know, after a long time of wanting to. I've heard about it I've seen some of it and now I can say I do agree the show has a lot to do with men wanting to dress like men again. To be elegant without overdoing it, to look classy and manly and clean and crisp and good. It was some time now where only gay guys had it good and could dress up and look trendy. Most jocks wouldn't even dare try and wear most of the stuff those guys fashioned. So here's an alternative that never goes out of style.

I've been meaning to buy a hat for these reasons lately but it's proven to be difficult to find a good one on an affordable price, mostly I guess due to the low demand of hats for men these days. If anyone out there knows of a place worth checking out drop a line down in the comment section and I'll be thankful.

I gotta say I haven't had much time to post since school started, homework's a bitch and time to take photos always becomes less but I'll try to keep a steady rhythm over here so be sure to check back often to see what's new in store. Thanks for reading.