Because bite me.

Because bite me. by OldScratchedVinyl
Because bite me., a photo by OldScratchedVinyl on Flickr.

So, I know y'all are watching the news and all this Sandy business is kind of extreme over at NYC, so a shoutout to them people over there, I hope y'all are doing alright.

On other things, today I am not on my best, feeling kind of down and apathetic. So came back from school, cooked myself some warm pasta with tons of cheese, ate some nice tiramisu courtesy of the lady friend's mum (tehe) and now here posting a picture that makes me feel all warm inside.

I don't have many photos of my dog, when I first came to Europe I wasn't really into shooting so I never thought about it, I have some few shot with the iPhone and whatever when she was a puppy but never some that I could really treasure. So when I went home for the summer I spent quite some time trying to get her to behave long enough for me to click some. I know y'all probably seen a some, I think 2, of those pictures, but honestly today I thought I'd give y'all a break with all the fashion and heavy theory of photography and architecture or whatever other bullshit I often bring up in this blog. Instead I want to give y'all a nice photo to relax after a dreadful monday, because no one understands the hate for mondays more than me, believe me.

I hope y'all like this photo. Also, go back one post and check out the One Thousand Faces project post and stay tuned because I got some awesome portraits coming up from there. Thanks a lot for reading, grazie per leggermi. And smile, fuck, monday's over! :)