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Ghesc, a set on Flickr.

Today my architecture studio went on a field trip to an abandoned settlement called Ghesc, in the Italian Alps, really close to the border with Switzerland. The site consists of only 9 stone houses and now serves the only purpose of terrorising architecture students.

I gotta say tho, the place is lovely, the nearest town Croppomarcio (3-5 minutes walk) is also extremely nice and both definitely lent themselves to some interesting photographs. This time I wanted to focus on the interaction between nature and this small towns. How human activity impacts a place and how nature can re-take what was once hers. I hope this pictures tell you a story, about a hidden place in the mountains, where some few hundred years ago 15 people lived in 9 small houses growing grapes, making wine and freezing their asses in winter.

Click on the pictures to see them in Flickr in their full size, I tried to keep it short and spare you the panoramas of façades and other architecturally relevant bs, so you've got 15 pictures this time. A lot more than usual so I hope you can take a minute to go check them out and then tell me what you think. :) Thanks for reading, grazie per leggermi.