My autumn smile

Autumn smile by OldScratchedVinyl
Autumn smile, a photo by OldScratchedVinyl on Flickr.

As few of you would know, yesterday was my birthday. Yes, I do not enjoy the fact that the day after is the day one of my heroes, Steve Jobs, died but it's a good reminder of the things I stand for and the man I strive to be when I get, even, older.

I had this idea to post this leather briefcase I saw in the H&M showroom and do a quick post about how it sucks to feel like there's no turning back. I ain't 16 anymore and shit has consequences and sometimes that sucks. I gotta say tho, it's also not bad. When you've got good company, good friends, an mazing woman by your side and an uncertain future that glows ahead of me. Life ain't bad at all.

There are many things I want, but not many more I truly need and that was a hard fact to understand. That doesn't mean we should stop trying to go after our stupid desires, buy that star wars figurine for a thousand bucks just because your inner child demands you to or that PRS guitar you've always wanted but could never justify buying. Doesn't matter how old or how young, we are human and will always want more shit. The thing about it, knowing now I don't need the new iPhone to feel good about myself... you know it, that amazing speech in the Fight Club. You are not your phone, you are not your job, you are not your bank account... The sad thing is that most people are, indeed, their jobs, their phones and their bank accounts and I don't want to be one of those people.

I want to be me. I want people to know me for who I am and not for what I do or what I own. I want people to remember me for something I said and not for my clothes. I want me to see myself in the mirror and see words running down, matrix style, of all those things I always tell myself in my head and then forget.

This year's birthday was eye opening for me in such respect and I've gotta say there's a lot to thank in that to that special woman by my side. So this post is not about me or my birthday, there's tons of birthdays out there, everybody has a lot of them, too common of a thing but having someone this special in my life ain't common at all. So thank you, this is for you. I love you.