She's on my side :: Brenizer method without crop

So, I received notice that a lot of you couldn't imagine how I stitched 109 photos together and got only one picture out of it. Well... this image is the un-cropped version of the "panorama".

What you need to do is to get your subject to stand still for a bit, as still as they can, get a background that has different layers of depth but no big movement. No busy streets, no people passing by, these kind of things have to be avoided. Then set your camera to manual, keep a steady focus, aperture and shutter speed. Then, you don't really need a tripod, shoot pictures that overlap of different angles, always trying to keep the camera in the same position, as if the only rotating part was the lens. Be quick about this. I'd say around 30-50 pictures would do a very nice effect.

This time I went a bit overboard and did 109 but in hindsight I could've done with a lot less and still I'd've gotten a nice result. When you have these pictures if you do some postprocessing for colour balance or something make sure you do for all the images, they all must look around the same. Then the stitching begins, you make a "panorama" out of overlapping images, there is software that does this, if not, have fun stitching in photoshop. If you decide to go that route remember we want them to merge, so not just put a picture over the other, they should be somewhat transparent so that they complement each other. Thus making the huge virtual sensor.

When you're done with this, crop it nicely to something you like and thing looks great and voila, you have used the Brenizer method of photography. I think this looks great for full body portraits specially in the nature, I'd love to try this in a cityscape soon but I need to find a lovely place where I can get a bit of prep time without people around. :)

I hope you enjoyed this second instalment of the "tutorial", and that it clarified your doubts about how this effect is achieved. If you've got any questions please don't doubt and drop a comment here or on facebook and I'll make sure to reply.

Thanks for reading/grazie per leggermi, until next time, y'all. Peace.