The One Thousand Faces Project

I think I'm paranoid by OldScratchedVinyl
I think I'm paranoid, a photo by OldScratchedVinyl on Flickr.

This is No. 1 on a long project I am starting, right now. Here's how it will work, I'll be trying to get a hold of people who want to get their portrait taken, maybe talk a bit about themselves, whatever interesting they want to say or share and I'll make a small photo shoot and end up with a portrait and a short story. This way we all can meet a thousand people around the world, unfortunately I can't travel around the world to take these so, if you are in Milan, or near Milan, if you will travel here or something... and are interested in participating in this project please do let me know and we can work something out. I do plan to travel some throughout the time this will take place so of that I will update y'all over on the facebook page, maybe I'll be coming to your city. :)

So, the portraits will be featured here and at the facebook page, you can use your portrait for whatever you want, I'll send you a high res version of it and maybe a print. The only thing I would ask if you take part is that you please do link back to the project if you use the photo in any social network or alike. To keep the ball rolling. I also don't have a lot of means to publicise this so I'm counting a lot on word of mouth, if you are interested but also know someone who would be then point them my way. Would help tons.

After the 1000 faces are done and all the portraits are finished I will print these in a small tabletop book, unfortunately I won't be able to pay for a copy to everyone so if you want one I will make it available for you at the printing price which shouldn't be more than 20 dollars or around that price from what I've seen. The price is not up to me so that might change. That's obviously if you want a copy of it, maybe you're happy just printing your own portrait. Either way, the option's there.

This can be a very fun thing to do, it will take some time but I'm sure it will be interesting. I'm looking for people with interesting faces and interesting stories who want to get a portrait taken. If you're one of them, please contact me at:

or by leaving a message on the facebook page at:

The "offer" is totally valid until I get the thousand faces and the goal is met, so far I've got around 5 and hopefully it will pick up now that the project has officially been announced (with this post tehe). I hope y'all support this initiative and enjoy both taking part of it and seeing it grow and take shape, become its own monster.

As always, thanks a ton for reading, I appreciate it. Grazie per leggermi! :)