Whatever colours you have

...in your mind.

Brace yourselves, winter's coming. Actually, it's already here, wtf.

This photo is a bit abstract, I'm sure I wouldn't know what the fuck I was looking at if I didn't know myself. It is a lightbulb from one of those fancy make up mirrors, from the Dior make up room in Milan. Why is the thing totally black around it? Well... macro to a very lit object and then you lose everything else but this gave me a great idea to represent something I've had in my mind lately.

Related to two things, black and white; if you follow the sartorialist you'll know that he proposes all black and all white outfits for this winter. That's totally fine with me, there's something interesting about layering and accessorising that has to happen in order to not have a boring look. Quite a challenge, hopefully I'll encounter some of these later when I go on my street photography adventures in the city centre.

On the other hand, black and white spaces were a theory in architecture that came from japanese architects born in the 1950's. They thought about spaces on a dwelling, a house, a school, an office as black or white. Black spaces are needed and they have a defined use, a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, things you must have in a certain kind of building. White spaces on the other hand are rooms that have several uses, not exactly a multi-use room, but something adaptable; a japanese tatami room that can be a living room in one moment, a dining room in another, a bedroom in the next and also a house gym even. Or all kind of gray spaces that can be gathering spaces and the use adapts to the crowd inhabiting temporarily the space. An island in a parking lot can become a music stage one day and a open living room the next.

This theory has slowly faded away, mostly because architects think it's stupid even tho it was created as a way to explain certain things to clients who, obviously, have no need in being versed with all the boring terminology we are fed throughout school and sometimes make us sounds like pretentious pricks.

This is somehow my feelings towards these trends. Black is black, it's always been the new black and will never go away. Fuck, it's not even a trend, go tell that to gothic people or whatever other sub-culture like that. White on white tho, it's to me such an adaptable thing, it can be a disaster or it can be marvellous. I think most the time it gets too gray and then I don't dislike or like it. It's a true challenge, one that should not be explored by just about anyone. I think for sure adding a bit of color, just for kicks, to an all white outfit might be a good thing. Just like this true white light bulb that gives a thin strip of blue because fuck it, why not?