4016 by OldScratchedVinyl
4016, a photo by OldScratchedVinyl on Flickr.

Today is thanksgiving, which for me always meant, some random stuff at school which shouldn't really interest me... given the fact I'm mexican and not from the US, you know, the randomness that comes with being in an Americanised school; and of course Football. Which is the one reason I love thanksgiving. Staying home, spending time with my bro or my grandpa and watching the game together.

This is why I figured it would be a good occasion to talk about something other than fashion, photography or whatever architectural I learned this week. Either way I give you the photo of a calf I took the other day. Probably any/all of these topics will be mentioned throughout my rant anyways so...

Let me start by saying lately life has been interesting, a lot of new projects in the horizon, some things picked up, some things are far forgotten. The never ending pursuit of happiness. This week I realised I have the need to be more organised with my time and efforts and so, in the hopes of getting motivated, I purchased a small moleskin agenda for 2013 and a new Fisher's Space Pen to go with it. If you know me just a bit you know I'm a very techy guy, I love gadgets, and so I've always tried to keep my calendar and agenda on the cloud. Somewhere where I can easily access it from my iPhone, my notebook or tablet, everywhere I need it. It became kind of troublesome and stale tho. It has no feeling attached to it, no sense of permanence in my short attention span. A small noise letting me know something I have to do but won't and a lot of neglecting to take the time to add things to it.

Paper on the other hand has going for it the fact that it's either with you or it's not. So it becomes crucial that you don't forget to carry around your little black book. It becomes essential that you log in your to-do's and your thoughts. It's a lifestyle choice. It's not about being a hipster of being fashionable. It's about giving importance to what should be important to you. If you keep losing your pen maybe if you have a pen you care about you will take better care of it. Same thing is what I need to do with my time.

This also comes from the realisation I got after reading an architectural blog's post about sketchbooks and how important they are for architects to keep, that I tend to doodle everywhere and then I lose the papers or write it somewhere disposable. Ideas are powerful and remembering them is sometimes hard. Good organisation could possibly make me a better student/architect/person. To understand how an idea takes shape, evolves, becomes something tangible. From doodle to done.

Paper is something you can look back at, tomorrow, when you need it, when you're old. Like a photo album of memories. You put a bit of yourself in anything you write, anything you sketch, anything you give importance to. I don't mean this should be the end of it, so many more things revolve around this lack of paper in my life. Just this week I went to do the groceries and I forgot to buy cereal and so... no breakfast for some days. My life changes because of it, I was hungry at school. I spent money to eat something less healthy. It does have an effect on us, the simplest things we forget.

This was somewhat of a new years resolution, even tho it's still over a month for new years. You know what I mean. Living on my own, abroad, I realise how much we rely on other people. Sometimes so much that we stop relying on ourselves. You might think that photo of the calf has nothing to do with all these I just said but to me it does. Usually I see these animals, in cages, uneasy, with the saddest eyes. But this one didn't, when I saw this little baby cow I saw hope. She came close and licked my girl's hand, she was playful and content. Not knowing maybe tomorrow won't be a better day. Doesn't matter, why worry about things like that when we can start some kind of change today? People lose hope too easily, and I don't want to be one of those people no more. I want to have dreams and I want to remember them. Just like when I was a kid I wanted to be an architect and build bridges and would draw my ideal house with firemen poles to go down and slides and secret passages and shit. Now look at me, finally, after so long I am where I am.

Never lose sight, never give up. Hope is a strong ally. Happy Thanksgiving Day.