Hello, this is Horse.

God didn't give us wings, so he gave us horses. — unknown


Today I had the opportunity to go out to some stables where they train competition horses. Obviously I prepared two cameras to take with me, the NEX5 and an old Nikon AF250SV, and went with my mind set on getting really vintage looking shots. Not exactly Old Wild West stuff but grainy and most likely black & white. In the end I got a bunch of nice shots but today I want to share with you my favourite five that involve horses.

Hello, this is horse

I have always had a fascination with these beautiful animals, just to think how a century ago and all the time before that men have had this incredible relationship with them. Every man with his own horse, training him, feeding him, bathing him, taking care of him, traveling, working, having fun. They were there to serve us but also to be life companions and friends. I bet every man loved his horse, I bet horses too.

Night mare

They have been a very important artistic subject, I remember early in my painting lessons they would teach us the anatomy of the horse so we could understand how to make one look real, probably this would also be important in sculpture and other arts. I learned a lot about them back then and quickly realised how beautiful their muscular structure is and how elegant and efficient their movements can be.


One of the problems I have always had with animals is looking at their eyes. I don't know if this is just me but I always feel such strong feelings when looking into animal's eyes, I've talked about it before on the blog. When I see an animal that has sad eyes it just breaks my heart. Not many things make me feel worse than seeing a lonely animal or a hurt one. This is probably also why I like fluffy animals that I can hug.

Brushes and leather

It was such a pleasure to photograph these beautiful animals, with this mindset of capturing paintings and not just pictures. Maybe I could've gotten better results in a more controlled environment, as I was just going around pretty much point&shooting, but in the end I am very happy with the results. I hope you like them as well and that you enjoy this kind of post, a bit far from my usual topics. If you do drop a line in the comment section and I'll keep sharing this kind of experiences also with y'all. Thanks a ton for reading. Until next time.


PS. You can find hi-res versions of each photo by clicking on them and/or going to my Flickr page.