Love in the times of cholera

Love in the time of cholera by Roberto Campos (OldScratchedVinyl)) on
Love in the time of cholera by Roberto Campos

Lately it rains, endlessly. It's not that nice summer rain where it rains hard for a couple hours and then it stops letting the sun shine through like the magical vampire-slaying ball of greatness it is. This is a kind of rain that brings sadness into one's heart. When it's not raining it's just raining less. Day's are gray, the sky won't shine, there's fog roaming around. This is the city I live in, not as bad as London, but not as good as home.

This means less chances to go out and shoot something. As y'all know by now I am not a "studio" photographer. I don't have flashes and lights and strobes and torches and diffusers and reflectors and whatever. I am not really interested in this kind of photography right now, considering my lack of equipment. There is something that captivates me about street photography and the rapid response you need. It's like the difference between run-and-gunning or camping it out with a sniper rifle (Shout out to all the FPS players out there).

This reminds me, not one of you has commented about the quality of the embedded pictures here. I am making a move from Flickr to 500px (links to both on the bar above) and obviously quality is important for me. By clicking the picture you'll be taken to a hi-res version of the shot that you might enjoy and appreciate better. So drop a line, tell me what you think here or on my fb page. Thanks, y'all.

Now I must go keep watching True Blood. :p Have a nice Tuesday night, until tomorrow.