No.2 // 1k Faces Project

Meet Silvia Sanasi. Italian, architecture student with an affair with expensive clothes. 

Silvia Sanasi

               What is your favourite city?

  • 1) My favourite city is Amsterdam, I definitely love the country, they are so organized and so straight; i love dutch people, they are nice to everyone and I really feel good when I'm with them and I have a kind of magnet for Dutch people, so I meet them everywhere in each moment of my life since I was a kid (maybe I'm kind of similar to them, I don't know, but I just feel better when I am with them and I make so easily friends with people from the Netherlands), and the city of Amsterdam is just awesome! I love Dutch architecture, and in Amsterdam you can see all the stereotypes of architecture that you can find there, all the styles of each epoque... the city just makes you feel that you are in a different world and you can enjoy it a way better than all the other cities in the world, and i studied it quite deeply for university, for my job and for myself and I just fell in love with it. I think it's the place where I have to be, I'm gonna check it out soon.

    What is your favourite cocktail?

    • 2) I don't really like cocktails. I like wine: rosée is my favourite, but in general I like having a glass of wine just to chill, everything I'm doing in that moment. If I have to talk about cocktails, they make me feel really bad and I never like drinking them, but if I have to do it I would always choose a Jäger-Redbull, because I like Jägermeister and it's a nice drink.

      What is your dreamjob?

      • 3) My dreamjob would be to be the manager of a fashion maison. I love leading, I was born to be a leader, I'm pretty sure of that, and I love fashion: I would spend my whole days learning from it and looking at new trends and streetstyles. Furthermore, I use to paint and I'm - kind of - an artist, so I would love to express myself in something that involves me like that. Of course I'm studying architecture because it's also my passion, but if I could choose I would always go for fashion design.

        Starbucks or an espresso at a bar?

        • 4) Starbucks or an espresso? what do they have to do with each other? I mean... in Italy, you can take an espresso everyday in every place you want, and starbucks is something special. The thing is that if I wanna feel cool I would always go and grab a cappuccino (a frappuccino is also amazing but too fat) and walk around through the city holding it in my hand, it's just so fancy! But Espresso is a way better and I think I would miss it, leaving. I rather take Ginseng coffee anyway, so it doesn't have anything to do with both of them, because I don't sleep a lot and it gives me the energy that I need to face my always-busy-days!!

          Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?
          • Silvia Sanasi

            5) OMG this question is so weird, but I kind of like it. Ok let's start saying that I hate ducks. Every kind of bird hates me, especially ducks, and I have really bad experiences with them. They always try to bite me and they actually hurt me so I'm not really into them ;P But the thing is that I also don't really like horses. I'm not a 'Animals and nature, I love them so much' kind of person, so I just like cats and dogs because you can manage them and they would love you anything you would do. So ok, I prefer 100 horses big as ducks than a duck big like an horse, even if I could surely kill all of them.... But I keep on wondering........ is this question true or is it just something funny because I drank tonight? :P

          Silvia Sanasi

          Silvia Sanasi

          Silvia Sanasi

          Silvia Sanasi