Remember Me Brightly

Remember Me


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Today I come to you with 2 different photos, different because the mood they convey is just not similar at all. This might be due to the fact that today I was just like this, I had 2 different moods throughout the day that definitely can be expressed with these photos. In a way to me they tell a story. A story about a city girl and a phone call, a sense of hope, glowing all over her, showering with an intense will. Might seem stupid but... sometimes memories are strong and images speak to me. Like that book you remember everything about but when you read it again seems like you never did, like you just knew the story because someone told you about it before.

I'll see where this all takes me, on Sunday I celebrate the first year anniversary of being with the lady friend and we're planning a trip for a day. Surely I'll share that with y'all via some nice photos. For now wish me luck and tell god not to make it rain on Sunday. hehe. Enjoy your weekend and remember, Dia de Muertos is so much better than Halloween, nothing beats getting wasted at a cemetery surrounded by awesome food and good music. Cheers.