Romanesque by OldScratchedVinyl
Romanesque, a photo by OldScratchedVinyl on Flickr.

Lately I've been working on a project where we need to restore an abandoned settlement that consists of a few houses build in stone in the middle of nowhere. Last weekend I got the chance to go to Verona with the lady friend and we ended up in this "museum" where they had some old constructions and an old roman theatre and stuffies, One side was full of old roman broken stones and columns and statues. This was one of them, it might not seem that special but actually it was one of the ones that caught my attention the most. It has a lot to do with the texture and the change in material, the roughness of it but also how smooth it might seem. The feeling it gives me when I look at it, standing there, unmovable, ethereal, timeless.

There is something beautiful about thinking just how old some of this "stones" might be. Just how long ago they were carved by men like you and me and put somewhere to look nice and be part of something big, big like the Roman Empire. When I looked at the city from above where their palace used to be it was just impressive and amazing their sense of urbanism and how to locate their cities, how to design them and build them. I will post a panorama I made of that soon so you can all experience this with me.

There is something about this that makes me think of fashion as well. What was the trend back then, why build how they built or design the way they did. It's all about trying to create something that will live longer than it should, that will be remembered and copied and re-created and studied and loved. Like a classic Chanel bag or a pair of Oxford shoes.