Frusciante by Roberto Campos (OldScratchedVinyl)) on
Frusciante by Roberto Campos

The other day I went out for a shoot featuring a hat. I didn't want to make it full of close ups and details even tho they might seem like the most important thing. When you talk about hats like Borsalino quality is just granted, I mean, there is a reason why the damn things are so expensive. People who complain about their hats is because they buy those crappy ones from H&M and Zara (like myself). You get what you pay for kind of scenario. Back to the picture, this image really is just what I wanted to express, if you look at the sun coming down just on top, just enough, like a shower of sunshine over the hat. The glow, right there, where it needs to be, with an awesome mirror pool on the background. Rule of thirds fucking everywhere... everywhere. It is just what I wanted to get out of this shoot and yet I am not fully happy with it. Why? I have no idea. No idea. Maybe it's not even that good a picture, maybe it's just all technical bullshit. Even tho, again, this was all natural light and random walking around and quick shots avoiding tourists kind of deal, the usual.

Sometimes there's just no inspiration and that was one of those days, I didn't feel "in the zone". I was just trying, and always felt like I couldn't get what I wanted my mind was clouded with other thoughts. After looking at the pictures back home they were not that bad, they were decent, some even good. Even tho I shot way less than usual, 2 pics instead of 10 per picture. I was avoiding clicking. This goes to show tho, we can't be in that special attitude and mindset all the time but things can still be achieved, somehow. Sometimes it's luck, sometime's its just a bit of dedication mixed with will, who knows.

Photography is just about looking around and finding a way to capture what you see in your mind and not just with your eyes. It's about what's not in the frame as much as it is about what's in it. It's about avoiding that trashcan in your shot by moving around without missing the good light, or blocking it with a tree or even your subject matter, as much as it is about that subject. Photography is about versatility and adaptability and about wanting to tell a story through a picture. Hoping that someone will see in it the same thing you saw.