S.O.S. by Roberto Campos (OldScratchedVinyl)) on 500px.com
S.O.S. by Roberto Campos

Do save my soul, lately I've been having a rough patch and even tho I am happy and try to keep at it things just seem to pile up. I guess everybody knows this kind of feeling somewhat at some point. Anywho, this picture...

I got invited to enter a tunnel being dug under a "highway" in Monza the other weekend. I gladly went as press with my always ready camera  and snapped some useless shots while most the people did interviews and took pictures of the important faces. Luckily I got some nice shots, it's never that I Get the chance to enter this kind of places before they get finished and even when they do there is no way you could enter here walking and not get run over. It was cold and it was wet but it was totally worth it. I'll post more of these photos after on the fb page for sure so check back there in a few days.

For now I just want to wish y'all a happy holiday season, a merry christmas and a happy new years. May all your wildest wishes come true, if you drunk drive not you and forgive and forget. Here's for new beginnings. Cheers. :)