Adorable Enthusiasm

On the spotlight of nothingness by Roberto Campos (OldScratchedVinyl)) on
On the spotlight of nothingness by Roberto Campos

I like looking out plane windows. That kind of perspective about how big humans really are in the "grand scheme of things" and how big we sometimes feel we are, the importance we give to ourselves or to others over ourselves. I sometimes look at pigeons at the city centre, going around scavenging for some bread crumbs, or anything really, and think to myself: Aren't we all?

How much of our actions are truly out of enthusiasm, how many are just things we feel the need to do. Like the to-do list that being human gives us never truly ends. How do we choose to live? What do we let define us? Seems like questions that don't really need a concrete answer tho I've always thought that "Who are you today?" might be a better suited question to ask someone than "Who do you want to be tomorrow?" Because going to bed full of dreams means nothing when we spent all day dreaming. Because routine and conformity and the obsession we have with labelling ourselves as "consumers" are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why are we, humans, rapidly destroying our planet.

I see people walk around like I see pigeons walk around, going into offices looking for bread crumbs.


PS. This is not supposed to be taken seriously, just wanted to vent some of my feelings. They say writing about someone who's gone is the best way of burying them deeper and not resurrecting them, maybe it works with thoughts as well. Fuck Mondays.

One of many by Roberto Campos (OldScratchedVinyl)) on
One of many by Roberto Campos