Sakura by Roberto Campos (OldScratchedVinyl)) on
Sakura by Roberto Campos 

My camera is not the best out there, it's not even considered to be that good in the mirrorless department, but I love it deeply. Also my decrepit old lens that I somehow got to perfectly mount on it. I love how quickly I got used to manual focus when before I was so afraid of it and how retarded I feel when I use a normal camera now. My camera is not perfect, I sometimes feel like I've outgrown it and that I could use a better one now, to keep on learning, but that doesn't make my set up bad. When I see images like this photo, I am still surprised about this little camera that could and until I don't get "wow" moments like this about my camera I don't think about changing it. Because now it is a part of me, an extension of my ability as a photographer. I know it in and out and it lends itself to me and my petty demands. I don't think buying the state of the art leica would make me any better, if anything at first I would be producing even worse images. Why change what ain't broken? some people say. I don't think like this, believe me, I've tried a lot of things with this poor camera, I've taken it to hell and back and I know now it's strengths and it's limits. I am grateful I found this by luck, I found my lens by luck and I've found myself a lovely hobby I enjoy.