Warp by Roberto Campos (OldScratchedVinyl)) on 500px.com
Warp by Roberto Campos

Time has been an issue. Never enough time, too many things I have to take care of, how to balance my studies with my social life, with resting and sleeping. It hasn't been easy. I get the feeling that either I am seriously neglecting part of it or everything whilst trying to juggle between them. I guess it is hard to manage one's priorities sometimes.

This photo is inspired by this feeling. A street style shot y'all might like on a double exposure with the glass dome from the Vittorio Emanuele gallery in the centre of Milan. When I saw it I was instantly reminded of the cabin from the Millennium Falcon when it was about to jump to hyper speed. That is how life is for me now, always in a rush but when you get these strange glimpses of calm it seems like you're trapped in a bubble where time stand stills and the world just keeps spinning in over time.

I hope you like the photo, leave a comment below or hit me up on the facebook page, I always enjoy reading your messages and comments. Thanks a lot and until next time. Peace.


PS. Today it snowed in Milan again... If it keeps on like this tomorrow I promise I'll go out and take some nice snow pics for y'all. :3