I've crossed oceans of wine to find you

I've crossed oceans of wine to find you by Roberto Leal (OldScratchedVinyl)) on 500px.com
I've crossed oceans of wine to find you by Roberto Leal

It's been said before but is as true as anything I've ever said could ever be.

In regards to the picture, lately I've been asked about my lighting "techniques" and which flashes do I use/prefer. So I wanted to answer this here, with this picture that I think is a good example of what I'm about to say. I do own a flash, it's awful, costs like 2 dollars and uses AA batteries on it, I've actually never used it, I only have it because they gifted it to me when I bought a film camera. So, I don't have any "real" flashes at all, I have looked around tho and talked about them with a friend who purchased a pair and if I was going to buy one I'd go Nikon; but again, don't trust me on this since I've never owned one of them.

It's not that I do not want to use flashes, it's more about my main camera not having a hot shoe to put one on it. At all. It came with one of those smally ones that do more damage than good to the images so I never use it either. My favourite source of light is always the sun and the natural light reflected on big walls or shiny architecture. I guess I had to learn to adapt to my lacking of equipment and 100% street shooting and developed some of my own crazy ideas about how to position people and how to choose the background components of a picture. Definitely I'm always still learning on this so I won't tell you exactly what I think is right cause I'm probably very, very wrong but this kind of works for me.

So that would be my best advice for all of you amateur photographers like me. Read about everything you can get your hands on online, check out other people's work, look at videos on youtube ( I watch a lot of camera reviews of stuff I could never afford ). Understand your camera and lens and how it compares and try to make the best of it. Expensive equipment won't make you better, so work with what you have and then in the future if you get your hands on something better you'll be better equipped to make the best of that as well.

Cheers, from a snowy Milan.