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Life by Roberto Campos 

Time takes its toll in all of us, we grow old and sometimes we forget to learn. We think we did, we think we matured and grew wiser and smarter through experiences and struggles... yet sometimes, when everything seems to be good again, we fail to keep all those things with us. I wonder if there is a max amount of actual useful wisdom we can carry on with every so often, if it gets slowly replaced or reset at every other intersection.

Some of us go through life without worrying too much, some say in the end it might all be just useless baggage. Some dream endlessly about could've 's and should've 's or tomorrows that never seem to come, alike. It's hard to live in a now that lasts less than an instant.

Temporary lives in temporary places, an internship at an office where no one remembers your name. Life, tho, has its own way; its own way to take back what was originally hers. We should think more often about the things we do that we leave behind after we move on, as persons, as a human race.

I know you've all heard about the phrase "What kind of world will we leave for our children?", and probably didn't give it much thought. I think it's because it comes with bad connotations, it comes with worries and regret. I think a better question is "What will you leave behind that will make your children proud?".