Milan Fashion Week 2013

Milan Fashion Week 2013 by Roberto Leal (OldScratchedVinyl)) on
Milan Fashion Week 2013 by Roberto Leal 

As promised I shall update you regarding my plans for Fashion Week here in Milan, it's getting scarily close. Having base here it will be easy to move around for me, which makes things less complicated, and I'm lucky enough to have a lady friend who is attending a bunch of runways. Sometimes I'll have the chance to tag along inside and shoot some pics there but honestly I'm looking forward more to shooting people outside, back to some street style, and shooting at the aperitiv's (cocktail parties) and all those weird events that go on.

Now, I know some of you will be flying in for this occasion and that many of my readers actually have their own fashion blogs and alike so I would like to extend my 1kFaces project to this week in some way. Maybe not take feature shoots for the project but take some street style or portraits or whatever time allows.

So if you're interested in doing some sort of collaboration with me write me an email to OldScratchedVinyl@GMAIL.COM so I can reply faster than with a message elsewhere and we can try to set something up. Could be anything from a 5 minute shoot outside a runway to something more elaborate. Who knows what can come of this but seems like a good idea to me to extend this open invitation to whomever reads my blog.

As far as schedule goes it's a bit hectic and honestly I'm just letting the lady-friend handle all the logistics haha, but I'm sure there's time in between times... if that makes sense. That's all for now I guess, I'll keep y'all updated later on with more details and hopefully some instagram hipsterness. Cheers and see y'all soon.