Plastique by Roberto Leal (OldScratchedVinyl)) on
Plastique by Roberto Leal

This picture is something special for me. At first it might give you the impression of being something really simple but what you don't know is that that is not a real person. This was shot at a SportMax by MaxMara cocktail party where they presented the new Spring/Summer collection off the runway by pairing them with 3 different bits of food that related to a part of the collection. This was on its own a bit interesting tho, in my opinion, could've been handled better. Plus the store got incredibly crowded after an hour or two and taking pictures became almost impossible.

The colours I was able to get from the white mannequin are almost skin-like, so lifelike, without altering the gray-ish blue too much. The white belt does look a bit yellow but if you see where it is directly lit it is perfectly white, so it would've looked like that either way.

On another note today I was able to play with the Sony NEX-6, the newest one, and was definitely impressed but at the same time it still made me realise just how far I've been able to push my old camera to achieve results like the one posted here. Always good to feel some kind of motivation to keep shooting and keep improving and working around limitations. :)

I've got some news as well, I'll be launching a new "website", which is pretty much a photography portfolio with some of my work and contact information for anyone interested in my work. Stay tuned. As always, thanks for reading. :)