Milan Team



Roberto Campos

@stylecomptoir —Photographer, designer.

I am a fashion & streetstyle photographer, and architecture student living in Milan, Italy. Originally born and raised in the chaotic Mexico City.

My photographic work focuses on Fashion, Street Style and Lifestyle, although I elaborate it as street photography with a journalistic aspect to it. The intent of my work is not to just add to the existing pool of photographic work out there, but to challenge the default; by making my photographs not only snapshots of fashion or people but photographic material that captures the zeitgeist of a season and place, and can stand on its own merit.

I am a designer and content creator as well, and often share things that interest and fascinate me, a "style du jour" journal of my daily occurrences on social media @stylecomptoir.

I aspire to work with outlets that care about the content they put out there as much as I care about capturing and creating it.



Ksenia Bisti

@bisti_k — Architect, designer.